The year 2017 has been a good year for Hollywood movies. Not only the mainstream and big-budget movies emerged as winners in the previous year, but small and independent movies alike have all held their heads up high as critics applaud their unique creation.

With so many award-winning movies, it was pretty harsh for those who wanted to see all these movies badly, but has no budget to do so or was not fortunate enough to see these films in their local cinemas.. Fortunately, you have the option to watch these online with free streaming websites like gostream. Here are the best underrated movies 2017 has churned out.

Get Out (Starring Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Catherine Keener, Bradley Whitford)

Starting this list is the unique psychological thriller from comedian Jordan Peele. The movie started out like any other romantic movie, only for it to slowly descend into something sinister that involves twisted conspiracy and body-snatching. With crisp lines and great cinematography, Get Out successfully chills the bones without needing big special effects.

Personal Shopper (Starring Kristen Stewart, Lars Eidinger, Sigrid Bouaziz, Anders Danielsen Lie)

 Say what you want about the vampire flick, Twilight, but it’ll be hard to deny the acting chops of one Kristen Stewart in this critically-acclaimed film. It is a beautiful that explores spiritualism and existentialism in one breath. Pegged as a supernatural drama, it is became the quintessential French film of this generation.

Dunkirk ( Starring Fionn Whitehead, Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh, Harry Styles)

Written and directed by the highly talented Christopher Nolan this war film retells the story of the Allied troops who found themselves trapped by the Naze on the beaches of Dunkirk. Utterly mesmerizing, you’ll find yourself holding your breath while the soldiers and their allies try to plan their escape and safe return.

January 10, 2018